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Climb Up to the Moor - the touring exhibition

The paintings used as illustrations in the book became a touring exhibition.

The climate change debate is high on the agenda now and by bringing the moorland into towns and cities in the form of this exhibition our intention was:

Central to the collection was an expanding group collage floor installation inspired by the textures patterns and colours of the moorland floor to which artists, community groups, children and craftspeople from all over the country were invited to contribute. We hosted other events and workshops alongside and it was open to the general public, including families, to experience, see and understand the ecological messages it conveyed.

group collage floor installation

The group collage/floor installation, 'Groundcover' was so impressive by the time it had been added to over the four years of the touring exhibition that Staff and Friends of the Dales Countryside Museum decided to make it into a permanent wall hanging. Look out for it at:

Feedback from visitors

"A real celebration of nature helping us to touch the earth."

"Spiritual interpretation of the moors – superb"


"Stunning. The 'tops' are close to my heart. I feel very humble, thank you."

"Remarkable – thank you."


"Very moving."

"Inspiring and beautiful. The underlying message is salutary – I shall bring my grandchildren."

"Stunning & thought provoking."

"Absolutely beautiful. The moorland is vibrantly alive."

"The paintings opened up the diversity of wildlife and the habitat for me. I hadn't seen the range of colours and the richness of that environment so clearly before - I've since been again to the moors and I'm seeing it with new eyes."

"Really lovely exhibition which captures the diversity of weather and seasons in all their glorious colours. Love it!"

"My nine year old daughter loved the exhibition, particularly the animals, but all the paintings spoke to her and affirmed her love of the natural world."

"The delicate ecological balance of flora, fauna and the elements was vividly portrayed in this beautiful exhibit. Through this, I was also made aware of the moor's complexity with its abundance of species and the variety of the geophysical areas."